Sunday, April 11, 2010

definitely a fan......

i haven't seen him since he got married.
he and his new wife are living with his parents
across the street til their house is ready to
move into.

the only time i saw them outside, i had a really
bad cold, so i stayed inside. but i reaaaaaaly wanted
to go outside and hug them both.

last nite bob wanted to look at a house across
the street that is being spruced up to sell.
bob is forever curious about stuff and checking
things out. i'm generally curious about completely
different things.

so while he's checking out all the new fix ups that
have been done, i notice my neighbor get in his car.

i walk to the end of the driveway.
i am so gonna snag him, i think.
i want to just SEE him and smile at him.

i stand there as he pulls down his driveway and turns
his car my way.

i stand their with a completely dopey grin on my face.
and wait.
i'm sure my whole aura is saying 'there's no way you're
gonna drive right by me.'
sure enough,
he pulls over, the window slides down, and there he
is with his own completely dopey grin.

it's a moment i so hope i always remember.

he's a cool black guy.
around here, cool black guys have their seats leaning
way back.
wannabe cool white guys do this, but they don't have
the same feel for some reason.

my brain sees the seat back like that and enjoys that
for some reason.

so there he is, seat leaned back, lookin' at me with
this completely dopey inlove smile. it was sooooooooo

my entire being was grinning at him.
told him i've been dying to see him and that i just wanted
to tell him how tickled i was for him.

are you happy? i asked.

and my gosh, i can count on one hand the amount of times
i've seen a guy glow like that.

told him i hadn't met his bride yet.
he apologized up and down about how he'd been runnin'
everywhere and had been meaning to bring her over.
i laughed.
told him no big deal, i would snag them when i saw them
outside. told him i didn't want to slow him down, get
goin', but just know i was so happy for them.

i have always loved this guy. just adore him. and to
see him so happy just sent me to the sky feelin' good.

bob and i wandered back to my house and met my guys
who had just landed. we were all hangin' out front when
the new bride pulled in across the street.

i stood up from sittin on' the stoop. 'there's the bride!'
i said. 'i'm gonna go meet her!'

'mom, don't you think you should wait til she gets outta
the car???'

'mom, you sure that's her??'

'mom, what if it's not her??'

i kept walkin'.

i heard bob say to the guys 'i think she's gonna go meet
whoever it is.'

i laughed.

walked up to the beautiful young woman as she got out
of the car.

said hello, and she gave me a great big hug.

i loved her immediately.

i told her that i had just saw her husband pull out.
and told her...'ya know, i asked him if he was happy.
and i gotta tell you, he's not just happy. he's PROFOUNDLY
happy!' and i laughed and she laughed. and i hugged her

'thanks for making him shine like that,' i told her.
told her that she was absolutely beautiful and i was so
glad she was his wife.

told her i'd catch her later and really say hello, that
i just wanted to tell her that....

and i wandered home.

the guys were laughing at me. but i could tell they were
all glad i did that.

and ever since then, i have been smiling.

they were the complete personification of being in love.
they just oozed that shine and glow and radiance.

i wasn't even cynical at all.
i was totally filled with joy.

their love gave me that.

and i thought about all the things love can do.
all the great things....and so many things that we don't
even realize.

i'm definitely a fan of love.


Merry ME said...

I am channeling Mr. Rogers.
Won't you please
Won't you please
Be my neighbor.

I really think I'd like to live on your street!

Pamela Jones said...

I'm with you, Merry...
It's a neighborly day in this BEAUTY wood...a neighborly day for Beauty...