Saturday, April 10, 2010

just mulling.....

i ended up in this great conversation with
noah and zakk yesterday. we were talkin' about
how we felt about what we've been thru together
and how we get by and all that kinda thing.

i told them that when i started bone sighs it
was because of them. that i had to feed them.
and they were my fuel to do what i had to do.
and how i couldn't have done it without that
fuel. and now it's something i want to do for
me. that they don't have to be part of the picture
any more and it's become very significant on
its own.

and then we talked about how they learned how
to do so many things for me. making web sites
and fixing cars and everything you can think
of for me or for us as a family and how that was
their fuel. for us to get by. and how now they're
taking that stuff and doing their own thing with it.

what a really cool road we've been down. we
talked of the incredible dance of the team of
a family and how much we've grown. how being a family
has really been an occupation.

then, in a later conversation, josh brought up
the mining tragedy in west virginia. while we're
all moved by the story, josh has really really
been hit hard by it. he says he keeps thinking
that could be him if he grew up there. one of
the guys who died was his age.

he talked about giving up so much of your life
to go underground and be in the mines. and then
of course, the accident. there was a ton of threads
to it all. but the one i bring here is his thinking
out loud about how much of our lives do we sacrifice
for our occupation?

i thought the timing was interesting.

i was at the kitchen sink listening.

and i was thinking of the conversation earlier with
his brothers.

the gratitude i had felt earlier deepened even more.

there's been more struggle lately than i like in tryin
to keep it all together here. but my gosh, we're doin'
it......and it's not just a job, it certainly isn't
anything that could ever even kinda compare to going
into a mine for years and years....or....not....if it
ends in a terrible accident. we are so darn lucky.

so darn lucky.
and in the process of it all, we've grown ourselves
right along with it all.

i don't think i could feel more grateful right now.

and i want to keep that question josh asked last nite
always in my head...not just about my job but about

how much of our lives do we sacrifice for anything?

seems like a good one to keep in mind........


AkasaWolfSong said...

"how much of our lives do we sacrifice for anything?"

good I am sure we will never know the answer to as we live in each moment, but boy, oh boy, it sure is making me ponder this morning...

Loving You and Your Family...

Merry ME said...

Last night Oprah featured four Canadian guys who have a show on MTV called Buried Lives. They are just 20 something but they've joined forces, bought a big old purple bus and travel around the country checking things off their list of 100 things to do before they die. (Seem strange that 20 year olds are even considering death at this time in their lives.) Along the way they stop and communicate with people they meet, asking the question and helping complete strangers do one thing on their list. It takes people out of the work all day, go home, go to bed, and get up to do it again mode.

I love the fact that you and your boys have been making a life, not just a living. You've followed your heart(s) and learned along the way. Not just what how to change your oil, but how to BE in the world. It is a great example to all of us who are not quite so brave to take that leap of faith.

Praying for the people in WV. Praying that each of us can find a way to live out our dreams. If not for ourselves, for the people who have died too young.