Friday, April 16, 2010

a great nite.....

it wasn't lost on me for one minute that my
neanderthal man not only agreed to attend the
elizabeth gilbert talk with me, he went out
and ate at a vegetarian restaurant beforehand

and then, he stood in line way early to get in
to the talk. then sat forever to hear the talk.
with women everywhere.

he was describing it to my sons earlier today.
'there were 1100 women and 8 men.'

i laughed.

the talk was tremendous and i felt like she
was talking straight to me and that it was all
for me. it was great.

she truly is one of my heroes.
and it's funny too, as i'm not a big 'eat, pray
love' fan.

bob thought i musta been the only one in the room
who wasn't into that book. and yet i loved her so

but my favorite moment happened while we were
waiting for the talk.

bob's on one side of me, and a woman i don't know
sits down on the other side.
she's younger than i am, and a complete and total
fan of elizabeth's. she's youthful and full of
adoration and awe and vibrantly gushing about
elizabeth to me. as i finish up chatting with her,
i turn to bob who's got his blackberry thing out
checking the winds for the next few days for his

he's hoping to go out on his 'cast and blast' trip
monday. hunting in the morning, fishing in the

he grins at me, mentions something about cast and
blast and the winds.

the woman on my other side is eagerly texting her
friend about elizabeth gilbert.

and i just sat there grinning.

i was sitting between testosterone and estrogen
and i loved it.

a nite i'll always remember.........


Anonymous said...

I would love that moment too...Wonderful!!

Merry ME said...

Sounds like a great evening.
I enjoyed eat, pray, love! What's wrong with me?

AkasaWolfSong said...

Eat, Pray, Love, became a bible of sorts to me for a while when it first came out...Elizabeth is a great author.

I would have been gigglin' my head off in that situation...

I can just see you Terri with a big grin on your face!

Sounds like you had a great time.