Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sanity checks

i called her to see what kinda damage we had
done the other day.....
figured we had stirred up a lot and she was
dealing with it all.

yeah, sure enough.
altho, she was a good sport about it and said
it needed to happen.

i asked outright 'did we stir it all up?'
there was a sigh.
then i laughed.
then we both groaned.

a lot of the conversation was like that.
sighs and groans and then laughs.
and you could just feel the love between us.

we didn't need to talk about it.
we already had.
and we both knew that the waters would be
choppy for a bit for her.

cause that's the way it goes when you stir.

we both know it.

what's really cool is when you're close enough
that all you have to do is stand near by.
be ready with an ear, but sometimes it's just
the standing nearby that matters.

we both have been thru enough choppy waters to
know it's part of the deal...
but havin' that person standin' there near you...
that's the thing that keeps us sane.

yeah, i was her sanity check yesterday.
but my gosh, she's been my sanity check many
many times.

we laugh about that.
how we're in trouble if we're the sanity checks.

but i don't know......the love between us sometimes
feels like one of the most sane things i know.

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