Wednesday, April 14, 2010

serious goofin'

knowing just how lucky we are....

last nite i sat with my mp3 player and my
computer, determined to load some songs on
that thing without the help of my sons.

josh had borrowed it and wiped it clean.

this can't be hard.

i tried.
thought i had it.
looked at the player, thought maybe not.

i'm gonna get this, i thought.
zakk wandered in just then.
he saw what i was doin' and said 'let me see.'

'i wanted to do this on my own' i whined.

he took two seconds on the computer, unplugged
the mp3 player, looked, showed me my songs were
there and grinned.

'you had it already.' he said.

i thought he was grinnin' because i was a dope.

but this morning as i was on the treadmill,
songs that i hadn't put on started playing.
i laughed.
i shoulda known.
he'd already loaded some on.
and he wasn't gonna tell me.

i was tryin' to finish up on the treadmill when
'eye of the tiger' came on. a song i had not loaded.
a song i don't even have on my computer.
i grinned.

i couldn't just turn that song off.
so i kinda finished up, got off, but kept boppin'
around to the music thru the house.
completely loving zakk for messin' with me.

i've been thinking about him all morning.
about how he likes to play. and mess with people.
and how i want to do more of that back to him.
was just loving him and appreciating him.

when i got a note from a friend that blew me out of
the water. about friends of hers and the health
problems of their very special kids.

serious big time really awful stuff.
where they still find and give love constantly.

i was so moved.

i thought of how lucky i was.
felt almost spoiled.
man, it's so easy compared to what they've got.
it's a complete piece of cake.

i thought of how i was feelin' about zakk.
how much i loved him.
how i wanted to play more and goof more with him.

we have so so so much.
we need to sit and think about that sometimes.

i need to celebrate that and enjoy that.
i'm thinking today is callin' for some serious

some way serious goofin.

in celebration for all that we have....
and in prayer for those who are struggling.....


Anonymous said...

I come from a family of nicknamers and teasers, and one way friends of ours knew they were "in" was when my dad would act goofy around them, as though they were one of the bunch. It seems silly that silliness would be such an important part of us being together, but it is. I think it's the laughing -- the deep, belly laughing that we all share when we're being silly. Brings us together. And makes you laugh again later when they aren't close by anymore. I can totally relate to this :) Happy you're happy!

Sorrow said...

Heart over flowing with gratitude...
I had a day yesterday where the oldest was on a roll, feeling good and teasing unendingly, and I wanted to scream with laughter and frustration, so i did both!
blessings come in all manner...