Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sherry's comment.....and her blog!

okay....don't want anyone to miss buddy
sherry, from pot luck herbs left a comment on the 'more'
blog....which is soooo awesome!

i was joking today on facebook about this great phrase
i'm totally in love with - 'quantum entanglement.'

my gosh, isn't that the prettiest phrase??
i had read about it before, fell in love with it. forgot
all about it and then read about it again this morning.
and i just don't ever want to forget that phrase.

and now.......i don't think i will! cause sherry put it
together with my inner child stuff! ha!

how awesome cool is that?! so just in case you missed it...

I don't know if this will make any sense...but I think the key to achieving what you want, combining your "inner child" and your "adult woman" is a matter of perspective. It's like your phrase, you just need to realize that the two are "quantumly entangled!" There are times and places for everything, and that's where the adult side comes in, that's your mind that judges what to say or do when, but your heart IS your inner child. Opening your heart *is* the key, and trusting that yourself is the safest place to do that....anyway...yeah..not sure if that made sense!

thanks, sherry!
i love this!!!!

i just went to get sherry's link for her blog, and i read her
last post...and well..she could prolly use some extra love if
you guys want to stop by and give her some....i know how good you
all are at that.....

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Merry ME said...

Perhaps that's what I was trying to say but had never heard of quantum entanglement!