Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day

so there's a lotta lives to honor today.

i was thinking about all the people who have, i don't even know how to say the line of duty?
in the line of service?
for our country?

there is no way to say it that feels right to
me. feels like part of honoring them is not
putting them into a trite sentence.

maybe it should just be 'died fighting.'
some of them totally believed in what they were
fighting for, some didn't at all. the circumstances
were as varied as the people themselves.

amazingly enough, i don't have any friends or
family that have died that way. i find that pretty

i do have an uncle who is still alive, and is living
a 'normal' life. thing is, i think he died over in
korea. from what i hear, he never came back the
same. the stories made me cry.

i think of some of josh's friends josh has told me
about. and some of the stories i have read of wives
wondering who the heck it is who came back from

there's a lotta ways to die. some of them let you
still be here, walking around.
war is a champion at killing in so many ways.

i'll be thinking about these men and women today.
appreciating all that i have and honoring all that
they were and all that they lost....all that WE lost.

it's quite a day.