Wednesday, May 19, 2010


so last nite i sat and asked the universe
where i'm sposed to go.
what should i do???

and darn it all if i didn't get 'just keep
workin' on opening your heart' today.

and i gotta tell you, i feel like a grouchy
ol' bear the more i sit with that.

it would be WAY WAY easier to hear something
like 'sell tee shirts' or 'write many many
wonderful books' anything but what i find
the hardest thing in the world to do.....

and yeah, yeah, yeah, it's what i WANT to do.
but just cause i want to doesn't mean i don't
get lazy about it and figure it's 'good enough'
a lotta times when i could do more.

but if i feel like i'm sposed to be doing it...
my gosh.......i don't makes me

that's kinda funny.......if i could stop bein'
grouchy long enough to see.....

what i want most is what i feel was my answer
this morning and i'm mad about it.

okay, weirdo.
are you THAT lazy???


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*grins* Gee...Sometimes I read things here and I could have written them myself or I wrote something just like that a few weeks before.

Isn't it neat how sangha keeps giving us opportunities to view ourselves and the softness and truth of being human...its so beautiful!

Thank you for being you.