Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a treasure of a box

her 5oth birthday is coming up.
and she's just recently been told she's

what do you do with that?
she's searchin', tryin' more things, asking,

i haven't written about it because i can't.
it's too hard to hold and i don't know what
to say. i'm not ready to talk about it.

in the meantime, her birthday will be here.
and i couldn't think of a thing to get her.

but then i remembered what she said...about
her cards and letters....how she hoards them
for days when she's feeling bad. she may not
open one when she first gets it. she may save
it for when she needs it. 'hoards' is the word
she used.

i got her a hand made wooden box to keep those
cards and letters in.
that's all i could think of.
i searched around and found one i thought she might

there has been no part of this that has held anything
but sadness for me.

until today.
the box came in.
and it is beautiful. it's perfect. and it smells so

the beauty of it, the talent of the man who made it,
even the little note he wrote on the receipt...that
he was keeping us both in his prayers....

the entire thing was like holding this gorgeous piece
of beauty. i don't even know how to describe it, but
it was the first 'right' thing i have felt since i
heard the news.

people tell me that they can feel me in the things i
make...that's how i felt about this box...i felt the
guy who made it.

i wanted to share him with you in case anyone else needs
the perfect gift....while i think they're really nice on
the website....let me tell ya....it's nothing like holding
one in your hands....

stop on by
and see what moved me just by holding it.

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Oh Terri,
What a grand idea. What a perfect gift. Both for the giver and the receiver. I wish I could smell it too.