Monday, July 12, 2010

breathing again

last nite when i got into bed,
there was a cool breeze blowin' thru the window.
ohmygosh.......that felt soooo good.

i even put a blanket at the bottom of the bed
just in case it got really cool during the nite.

i leaned back on my pillow and just felt the
temperature with delight.

this morning when we biked, the sky was gorgeous
and the temperature so much cooler than it had been.
i soaked it in.

i don't need no stinkin' ac on in my studio - fans
are enough.

when i just got up to run thru the house to get
something the floor wasn't hot like it has been.
you could run thru without feeling like all the
air had been stolen away from you.

it's cooler.
it's so much cooler.

it's not cool.
but that's okay cause it's summer.
it's not sposed to be cool.

but it's coolER..........

and my gosh does that feel like a gift today!
life is so much easier to handle when you can

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Anonymous said...

"life is so much easier when you can breathe" -- definitely, on so many levels.