Tuesday, July 13, 2010


thinking of the power of women today.
actually, it's been whirling in my head for
a few days now.

and then this morning someone sent me an
article called the 'holy boldness of women.'

holy boldness.

wow, what a great phrase.
got me thinking all the more about women.
and our power.

i interact with so many different women every
day and i have the honor of knowing some really
wise and amazing women.

power filled, wisdom filled.

probably the thing i see most as our weakness
is that we don't recognize/honor our own power.

we get lost in the self worth stuff.

kinda mind boggling.

here is this really incredible group of people
and while it's easy for one of them to see the
value in the others, it's hard for them to see
the value in themselves.

mind boggling.

and makes me think.

changes start with ourselves, don't they?
maybe being really conscious of our own self
worth won't just help us, but it might help
the planet.

there's a thought.

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