Saturday, July 10, 2010

kinda odd

so i can see a really big thing i need to
get down...
something i need to learn for my insides.

i can see it.

it's more of a knowing in my bones that i have
to just get down in there.

not sure how.
but i see the things that press the buttons
and i see the things that set me spinning and
i think they can help me.

it's like i'm seein' them from a different angle
this morning.

like maybe they're not bad things.
those things that press my buttons and spin me.

maybe just maybe....
they're gonna help me.

and somehow that thought gave me a little more
courage this morning.....

mix it with this one.......
driving last nite we were talkin'.
and i said that it was really okay what was happening
as it was stretching me.

and if everyone had to have a 'hard' thing in their life
to teach them things, i would gladly take what i'm
struggling with as my hard thing.

it beats a lotta other hard things.

and suddenly, it seemed more of a gift than a burden.

between the two, there's almost excitement in me.
kinda odd............

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