Thursday, July 8, 2010

a reminder

why is it i'm always forgetting the universe
and its input???

i don't have to do everything on my own.

there is some kinda something floatin' around
out there.....

and i remembered that right away when i saw
the caller id on my phone this afternoon.

a friend i rarely talk called.
there she was.
outta the blue.
and i smiled.

she called with a cosmic story. about something
that happened when our energies mixed.

that in itself was enough of a tickle to help me
remember to trust and allow.

but then the conversation that followed really
really did me so much good.

in speaking of her own stuff she told me of a quote
she's always loved: "living well is the best revenge."

i loved it and scribbled it down as she was talking.

then she asked me about my stuff.
a little choking up and spitting it out and we talked
of what all it entailed.

of having gratitude for all i did have, and accepting
things as they were. and to not try to fix everything!!!

the living well is the best revenge thing seemed to
encompass gratitude.

i mean, you can't live well without it....
and i really really liked it.

a few notes with different friends, a conversation with
my guy, a lotta thinking on my own....

and i felt like standin' up, brushin' off my rear end,
and movin' forward.

and living well.

gratitude, and allowing all part of the deal.....
and.....and.......remembering that i'm not in this alone.

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