Monday, August 30, 2010

another blurb

i haven't gone thru a book this fast in a long time.

kinda like i was dehydrated and really needed the water.

i think this book is one of the most helpful books i've
ever read for myself. not sure if it's the book, the timing,
the need....don't know.......

but my gosh, i have been loving it.
i'm almost done with it so there shouldn't be too many
more blogs with the book blurbs in it....
but they're just too good not to share.

so here we go, from 'defy gravity' by caroline myss.....

'no matter what rationale you give yourself for your actions,
negotiating your power for the sake of personal acceptance
is a form of self-betrayal that results in a loss of self-
respect. the root of all this is a desire for empowerment
through the recognition of others, which is a path of
illusion. the truth is that no one can empower another

mmmmmmmmm........good stuff.

she has a section on forgiveness that just blew my socks
off........but there's too much to type out.

no wonder i'm exhausted....caroline's wearin' me out!
she's setting me straight on so many things that have gotten wonder i'm tired!

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Anonymous said...

I've been doing some past emotional healing, and trying to move myself into a new (what I call) zero balance. This all started May of 09 when I read Brene Brown's first book, and has been put on pause when I finished Caroline Myss's Anatomy of Spirit about 6 weeks ago. In between there I have read several other books, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and kept working on all the healing. Recently I went to the doctor b/c I couldn't understand why I'm so tired all the time. He told me I've been doing such internal work along with the baby girl I need time to rest. I didn't realize all that internal work could wear a person out like it does. So I completely understand where you are coming from. (The first little one did not wear me out like this second little one, so I was convinced that I had thyroid issues or some such thing)

I'll explain what I mean by Zero Balance real quick. You recently said in one of your posts you want to "operate" from that particular spot. I think everyone has a base operating level, the spot that they always operate from, and emotions and events send them a little ways from the base, but they always come back to that base, of their own particular truths. I call that spot that you repeatedly come back to your zero balance. For instance I want my self esteem to be higher now then it was in high school, and I want to operate from that higher zero balance spot of knowing I am worth more then I believed I was worth in high school. So the more self esteem is my new zero balance. Does this make sense? :)