Monday, August 23, 2010

a beautiful sentence....

so i woke up way too early....

there i was, just layin' in bed thinkin' about life
and meaning and where the heck i was goin'.

i saw myself laying there and thought....jeesh, girl....
why don't you just sleep???

but i rolled over, turned the light on and pulled out
my book.......

i found this beautiful sentence........

'things of this earth become problems and burdens only
when you believe they have more power than your soul
and your destiny.'



not bad, huh????

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Qn Dani said...

There is NO darkness greater than my light. (and I'm not St. Ter of the Clouds (and sky and stars) like you!!)

Simplified existentialist theory:
the good and bad in our life is ONLY as good or bad as we perceive it to be.

I LOVED "Defy Gravity"! (but then I love Caroline Myss!) I've read each one of her books and that was one of my all time favorites!