Thursday, August 19, 2010


my girlfriend looked across the table at me
with the most sincere eyes and asked
'will you watch mary poppins with me?'

i laughed.
of course!

so we've rounded up our other pal who happens
to have a daughter turning FOURTEEN today and
another daughter and asked if they wanted to
make it a celebration/mary poppins event!

i figured the girls might ditch us....but they

i was thinking about bert this morning.

i admit it, i'm in love with that man.

and i thought of how he sees the magic in everything.

yes, yes, i know.
he's a fictional character.

i REALLY do know that.....
but i'm still in love with him.

and the idea of the magic this morning....well, it really

gentleness and a quiet understanding that the magic is
right here.

somehow, that's exactly what i want today.


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Have a jolly holiday!