Friday, August 13, 2010

a car full of joy!

so i already know i have an 'inner child' part of me that
is very strong inside.

but um.......just maybe HOW strong came out a bit on my drive
outta town and back.

i had prepared for the possible solo trip with gathering a ton
of music. which included one cd full of kids music i used to
listen to when the guys were little. i gathered my favorite
songs which were goofy and full of fun.

headin' down, i popped that baby on.....
drivin' down the highway i cranked it up and sang these goofy
kids songs at the top of my lungs.

i'm seriously a really lousy singer.
i keep tryin' to find that hidden voice of mine....
but so far it's staying hidden.

but it just didn't matter! it was just me....and i was belting it out!

one song i backtracked three times and sang over and over.
i was filled with joy.
my whole face felt like on big singing smile.

my body was filled with delight.
my car was rockin' with inner child playfulness and complete

headin' back home after a really sad, hard trip, i popped that
cd right back in the player.

and i drove up the highway towards home doin' it all over again.

i saw how much joy it brought me.

i mean, i couldn't miss it.

it brought me a TON of joy.

so much joy, it was a little odd.

i thought about this part of me that is so darn strong inside

how i really could let so much more of it out.

how maybe i should......

the nite i got home, i tried to tell bob about it.
kinda like it was news.

um....bob........there's something i want to tell you.......

he waited......

i started talkin' about this kid part of me like it was news.

he waited.....

i tried to express it more clearly.

he waited........

he knew.

so then, later.......i tried to tell my sons.
they stood there nodding.
i tried to explain it so they'd understand more.

they nodded.

everyone knew.
they already knew.

i mean, i knew.
but not like this.

but they knew.

i think i'm lucky beyond lucky.
i think that part of me can lead me places.

i really do.

i don't know how. or why.
but i think it can.

joy, glee, silliness, delight, imagination....
what an incredible gift to have this part of me that's
filled with that.

and i'm kinda thinking we all have it.
i'm kinda thinking we're all lucky beyond lucky.

and maybe we all need a road trip with our inner child.
could be way way cool.

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I've got ask.
What was the song?
The Lion Sleeps Tonight? FOr some strange reason, that one always gets me rocking. When Robert was little (the boy I nannied) we'd play it about three times, the whole way through on the way to preschool.

I think you're on to something! Kid's music is under rated.