Monday, August 9, 2010


he had called me last week to check in.
when we talk we want to see how the other one is REALLY doin'.
so we did the heart check in.
i was afraid of some changes that day and told him so.

'you know the one thing that's constant about life?' he asked me.

'change.' i groaned.

'yep.' he said.

i thought of him this morning.
grinned at how totally unhelpful he was.
altho, i guess he was helpful.
i just didn't want to hear what he was sayin'.

changes. that's what life is full of.

was already on my mind this morning in a not so light kinda way.

and then i got the call.
we've been waiting for it.

her dad passed.

at this point, it's pretty much relief.
it's been a long long journey.

but i can't help but sit here and think 'changes.'
they just don't stop.

i'll be busy for the next few days with some of these changes
and some others...
i think i need to hunker down a bit and go way deep inside.

so i'll be takin' a few days break here....

there's a change for you!
terri's gonna be quiet!

in the meantime....may you hold peace in your heart....
and may you be open to all the changes comin' your way.


Merry ME said...

Wherever you go, go with love.
We'll be waiting for you with open arms when you come back.

You are loved.

Pamela Jones said...

Changes can be challenging, but they also can be wonderfully healing and full of good surprises! Sending tons of love, healing energy for your friend, and a big hug for whenever you might need it.

Indie said...

I will miss your posts. I love to come here but you are right to create quiet space so the words will come.