Friday, August 13, 2010

home again

my head, heart, and fingertips are filled to the brim
with stories, thoughts, and mulling...

they're so crammed in there, i think they'll be falling
out for months. right now, i don't even know where to start.
how do you start?

ah, that's easy..........with the gratitude.
of course.
if i could only remember to always start with the gratitude.

and that's the most evident for me in my homecoming.

the call on my way home.....'i'm halfway home!'

noah's repsonse 'i can't wait to see you!'

bob's check in call....workin' it out to stop by that
evening.....missing my turn because of that call!
getting home faster because i missed my turn...

pulling into the driveway with a 'piece of prayer' playin'
on the cd. loud. filling with the prayer as i stepped outta
my car that i love.

parking further back where i normally park because it's right
next to my studio, and i missed my studio.

noah hurryin' to let me in.
the hugs.
the lookin' at their faces.
huggin' zakk so long and him letting me.

josh comin' over for lunch and to catch up.
josh callin' after he left, me answering and him sayin' 'it's so
good to have you answer the phone again!'

stories leakin' out.
the guys listening.

laughing and singing and exuberance on my end.

the boys commenting i sounded like i had too much to drink.

'i'm drunk on happiness'i laughed. and kept goin'.

bob arriving with roses.

curlin' in and laughin' cause he had his 'listening face' on
and was trying hard.

josh walkin' in my front door again as bob and i were
discussing bone sigh business at the kitchen table.

eating a bagel for dinner as i was too tired to care,
and loving it.

slippin' into my bed at the end of the day, lookin' at my
curtains that were falling a little messy and loving them that
they weren't perfect.

knowing perfectionism isn't me, and relishing that.

huggin' my pillow tight as i heard zakk say goodnite to noah
down the hall....

smiling, knowing that i'd only been gone two days.
two days.
that's it.

and home never looked so good.......

waking up happy...

blogging my gratitude...

smilin' a big ol' smile...


Qn Dani said...

welcome back. it's good to have you home! XXOO

Pamela Jones said...

Really? Was it only two days? We missed you at least a week's worth! Welcome home.

Merry ME said...

It was just 2 days? Seemed like forever!
Glad you made it home safely. And to know your heart is bigger than ever. Can't wait to hear about it.

blessings and smiles

itsjustme said...

Smiling away!!
how you said it...
it's like pulling up to d house next to you.
Like getting those same smiles and hugs...and bagels
I think there's more that two days of missing you.
So glad you made it back!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Welcome home StarCloud!

Grateful that you are home and here...

Blessings on the Gentle Winds!!!