Friday, August 13, 2010

on the roof??

been meanin' to get over here all day and post a real blog.
a thoughtful, soulful blog.

but got swamped with work.
then got sidetracked playin'.

goofin' on a friend and laughin' like a kid and clappin'
and havin' such fun. (when, yes, i should be working)

wanted to show zakk what i made....

went up to his room where i thought he was.

no zakk.

and then......

i actually went outside and looked up on my ROOF for him!

which made me laugh even more.

i had to post that.

HOW many moms go out and look for the sons on the roof???

he wasn't there, by the way......

but i thought it was too funny not to share.

thoughtful post to follow sooner or later......

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