Friday, August 6, 2010


got in a walk this morning.
went up to my goodmorningworld spot.
hadn't walked there in a long time.
felt good.

as i walked i thought of something a friend wrote
yesterday. she was talkin' of the gray in life as
opposed to everything being black and white.

i remember when i used to think in black and white.
my gosh, it was a lot easier in a way.
grinnin' tho as we all know it's a lot more confining.
so yeah, i'm good with gray. mostly.

then thought about how somewhere along the line i bumped
into the idea of the opposites. that it seemed like things
of depth held the opposites in them. it wasn't that it was
black and white, wasn't held this thing here and
it also holds the opposite of this thing. it's the thing
of opposites.

somehow that tickles me.

as i walked i heard little terri holler out 'maybe it's
red and orange!'

i smiled.....

'or maybe it's all the colors mixed up together.'

and somehow all this color stuff brought me back to that
'what the heck is it all??'

a mellow desperation filled me.

didn't know desperation could be mellow.

whatever it is, ter, you know there's only one way for you
to step...with love.

and i remembered a bone sigh i once wrote -

it was in their opposites that they
traveled the same direction.
he walked the white.
she the black.
twisting and turning into each other’s realms.
stretching their hearts past single colors
into the place of all.

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