Friday, August 6, 2010

mister sunbeam comes to call....

my house is set up weird.
which actually works great for me as there's this room
kinda stuck on the back that's my studio.
used to be i didn't get disturbed back here at all.
you could knock on the front door, and if i was busy,
had a fan on, or music, or the door closed, i would
never even know. which happened a lot.

but somewhere along the line, everyone figured out where
i was and now they just come right around back.

it can be a little unnerving.
all of a sudden there's someone staring in at me.
i'll be lost in thought and bam.....there's someone right there.
i've even had someones i don't even know show up there.
i've had straggly someones at times.

it does unnerve me so i try to keep an ear out for footsteps
and such.

sitting here, i thought i heard someone. i looked up to see who was
there and i saw this glorious, bright, shining sun beam spot.
a spot on the ground just a bit from the door where the sun was
shooting a real bright thing of light.

thing's an overcast morning.

i didn't realize that at first.
i just saw it, laughed cause that's what i saw instead of someone
standing there, and joked with myself the the sun came by for a visit.

then a few minutes later, i realized it was gray and overcast out there.
it has been ever since i got up. there is no sun.
looked again. sunbeam was gone........


i love stuff like that.


AkasaWolfSong said...

One of those Living Prayer moments StarCloud?

Don't you just love it when stuff like that happens? :)

Love Ya!

Indie said...

I love the play of light over walls..

and fields too for that matter. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words as usual!