Sunday, August 8, 2010


okay, i admit it...
while i want to be a good sport, there are times it takes
me awhile to get there.

i was the one who instigated the 'jet wars.'
i was the one who said 'i'm goin', if you want to go you can
join me.'
i was the one who said 'if we have to go outta town, we're gonna
miss the jet wars. i sure hope we don't miss them.'

you see, i know he loves this stuff. he loves the cars, and the
noise, and the smell of the engines.

and so there we were, bob, josh and me....jet wars 2010.
(and yes, noah and zakk bailed on this! which gives you a hint
of how much of a sport i really am.)

but ohmygoodness....i forget the culture shock i go thru every

it's really indescribable. a combination of redneck and gangster
feel. i stand there and feel like the gentlest thing for miles
around. bob said i needed a tattoo that said 'gentle' on it.

i sit on the bleachers and look at the people. the women. i soak
up their energy, think of their stories, and i get kinda lost in
it all. took me a bit to get in the groove.
josh said i looked traumatized.
bob said i looked terrified.

i told them i was just saving my energy for the second half when
the real racing began.

and indeed, true to my word...i woke up.
bob went off to make a phone call.
i asked josh 'do i really look that bad??'
'um, yeah, you do.' he said.
i laughed.

'well, okay, time to change that.'

perfect timing.
the snorty cars were up.
i actually do like these things.
they're the nitrous cars....they snort steamy lookin'
stuff. they look like bulls kinda. and they go real fast.

bob returned right around then.
'bob! you're here! good deal! i was afraid you'd miss these
guys! it's time to bet ol' man, get out your money!'

he grinned.

'let's do quarters.' i say.

'you can't do quarters.' he replies. 'you can't.'

'i'm budgeting. i CAN do quarters.'

'no you can't. gotta be dollars.'

'i only have a twenty.'

'i've got change.' he says his eyes gleaming as he
pulls out his ones.

oh my gosh, i'm dating a shark.

and the betting began.
and the laughing. and the goofin'.
a car pulled up without anyone competing against him.
'five dollars on him!' i shout!
bob looks at me like i've lost my mind.
i keep it up.
'you chicken??'
he grabs my neck and wrestles my head down.

we are now in the groove.

bob yawns on one side of me. josh yawns on the other.
'what's the matter with you people?? you shoulda saved up
your energy like me from the first half. it's early! we've
only just begun!' and i laugh.

the groove is gettin' really fun.

'oh man. whatta run!' bob says about some car that went by.
'wow! what an amazing run!' josh chimes in. and luckily i heard
josh say 'he made the same time.' bob didn't hear that, but i did.
so i chime in 'MAN, WHAT A RUN!'

bob's gonna challenge some of this groove of mine.
'so, okay, st. cloud. WHY was that such a good run?!'

without missing a beat i smirk and say 'he made the same time.'

bob's lost.
how'd i know that???

i just grin. and tell him not to underestimate me.
and move on to the next car who was also not competing against
anyone. 'FIVE DOLLARS ON HIM!' i announce.....

when i climbed into bed i was beat. just beat.
and i still had some lingering culture shock. thinking of some of
the lives some of the people lived i had seen that nite.
i saw a lotta pain around me. it's everywhere. stories. stories.
but i also thought of my own life.
and i felt soooooo incredibly lucky.

i went to sleep with the sound of roaring engines in my brain....
and a smile on my face.


Square-Peg Karen said...

oh, how I wish I was there to see you playing ms. gambling girl -- wait! I've got to say this right: I would have wanted to be a fly on the wall (were there any walls there?) - would NOT have been the same if I was sitting beside you - because you KNOW we'd have joined forces to mess with those guys - grin

ok, now i get what the jet wars are - ohmylord! grin!!

Merry ME said...

I've never heard of jet wars!
You are a trooper!