Wednesday, August 18, 2010

for single parents everywhere....

something just kinda landed on me and i wanted to share
as i know it includes some of you.

in the last few blogs, i've mentioned the long surgery...
and now ICU...
there will be a long recovery time to follow.

she's married, with a small child.

so we're not even talkin' single parent here.

and their support network is huge and strong.
and really really organized.

i just got the group email for the chart for everyone
to fill out of when they can help with the daycare drop offs
and pick ups and when they can help out on weekends.
the woman who made the chart will be doing all the cooking
and all the grocery shopping.

i read this and was amazed at the network.
people are good and kind and generous.

and then i thought of that goofy guy in my life.
how he raised his two sons with absolutely no help.
huge things goin' on to handle, and no one there to watch
the kids for a few hours so he could do laundry.
no one there to EVER take the kids. no one there to
give him that little break.

i helped him a little. but it was VERY little.
i was busy handlin' my own life and tryin' to do the
single parent thing too. luckily my sons were old enough
to actually help me do that!!

and then i thought of a single parent mom i know who does
the two job thing to make ends meet. and she's just barely
makin' it. and no, she has no help either.

and then i thought of another single mom i knew.
two small sons.......always exhausted, and always tryin' so

and another mom i know........and another.........

and i thought of how incredible all of these people are.
they didn't have family around. they didn't have a network
that set up any kinda regular help.

most of them got very very little help.

and i was thinking how they don't even realize what a strong
and amazing thing it is that they are doing/have done.

i know they have had deep longings for that kinda help.
and they just kept on goin'. because there was no choice.

i wanted to take a moment and bow down to your strength today.
what you guys have done is astounding.

i so wish you all had even 1/3 of this network i'm watching now.
but you've grown some mighty muscles...
and i think you're awesome for what it is you do.

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Merry ME said...

It takes a village. But when there is no village, one has to just get down in the trenches and do what needs to be done.
There are many unsung heros.
You've done a good thing by honoring their strength and courage.