Monday, August 16, 2010

fuzzy headedness

okay, not sure this will make sense as i'm not sure i 'have' it yet...
but it STILL feels like a bit of an 'aha'!

so i'm thinking about this idea mentioned in the blog below....
about having to love 'your neighbor' (or whoever the heck is really
buggin' you big time) before you can know love.

and i'm thinking about what i figured out on the tread mill that
i also mentioned below...that it's not about whoever the heck is
really buggin' me big time...that that REALLY isn't who it's about.

that if i REALLY saw myself, and understood my beauty and my mystery
and the goodness that i am, than that other person really wouldn't
be buggin' me in the first place.

so i've been kinda lettin' this all whirl inside me today.

and so i opted for an early shower tonite.
and as i was steppin' into the water, a thought ran thru me.

if that's the case....that the reason the person is buggin' you is cause
you really don't have a grasp on your own beauty...then you have to
find THAT first. a deep deep grasp of that.

and that, of course, is SELF love.

and you can't find that beauty inside you without it, cause it's
the same thing.

so it all wraps right back around to SELF LOVE!!!

if you have self love, you don't have to have all the negative stuff
about that darn neighbor of yours or whoever's buggin'
don't need to dwell there. because you don't get shaken up like you
do when your self love is flyin' all over the place.

and THAT'S why you can't know love til you know love for your neighbor
cause you can't know love for your neighbor without the self love.

one big ol' huge circle!!!

okay...DID that make ANY sense?!

laughin' with glee here...........cause i think this is good stuff.
altho, my head is soooo fuzzy with it all.

but thought i'd throw it out there anyway and fuzz your heads a bit.

i like to share fuzzy headedness.......

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