Saturday, September 11, 2010

a good habit to make

i did it!
i made yesterday my inner child day.

i think maybe we could just call it an
'allowing day' or a 'tuning in' day.

i paid attention all day to what was goin'
on inside me.

i made a few decisions right in the beginning
about things that would be best for me and
would best be takin' care of that inner child
part of mine. and i stuck to them.

i put on music that made me laugh.
i did some art that felt good.
when i got sad, i said 'okay, sad's okay.
let's sit with that a bit.'

i got all comfy and snuggled under a blanket
(that in itself was heaven this time of year!)
and read a book that's a story.
i was well aware i was reading myself a story.
i paid attention and reveled in it.

and then at some point, i turned and held
something i needed to hold.

only because i didn't push myself to do it.

i just naturally turned and held it.

didn't feel i 'had' to....
felt i was ready to.

it was a good good thing to do yesterday.

how come i don't do this every day???

i don't.
it's certainly not habit.
i have to really think about it.

i think for now, i'm gonna try to do this a lot
more often....and see if i can get it to be
more like habit., that'd be good.

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