Friday, September 10, 2010

my goal today

probably the description that makes the most sense
to me about how i feel lately is that my inner child's
been gettin' tossed around an awful lot.

there was more tossing yesterday, and i could just
feel it.

and when i realized this, i decided to seize the day
today and make it an inner child day.

what does that mean???

maybe it just means i'm gonna pay attention to my
insides and do things that feel good and healing.
do things that make me feel like all of me counts.

think that basically means, i play more and i hang out
in places that won't toss me around.

i grabbed a book i had forgotten i had this morning.
i got it a life time ago. grabbed it and sat outside
this morning and found a list of suggestions on things
to do to become an 'elegant spirit.'

ohhhhhhhhhh.........great phrase.

so i read the list.

the suggestion that seemed to stand out the most to me
was this one:

study those desires in your life that control you,
and strive to release yourself from anything artificial
that exerts power over you: drugs, alcohol, negative habits,
fears - anything that causes you to lose power.

i liked that one. well, i liked them all....but that one
stood out for me. gonna work on that a bit.

also what kinda stood out is spending the day in tune with
my inner child would have fit right on the list. of course,
it woulda been too odd to include....

but tuning into the part of me would accomplish a whole bunch
of the things listed. because that part of me is so loving
and so trusting and so geniune.

i want to just take care of that part today.

that's my goal.
that's my aim.
and that's where i am going to put my energy today.

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

Love the list!
Sounds like a great goal...and a great day ahead!