Thursday, September 9, 2010

september mornin'.......

WHAT a morning!!!!!

i don't remember ever bein' totally in love with
september before - but i am this year!
maybe i am every year, and just forget.
i have no idea.
but this year, my goodness......i'm a september fan.

noah and i hopped on our bikes in the dark again this morning.

the stars were out!

a little taste of heaven in the air.

i just wanted to burst forth in song.

i refrained as noah said people may throw things at me from
their windows....i stayed quiet and just smiled a lot.

it's a little bit hairy crossin' the intersection.
my gosh.......EVERYONE is out on that highway!
and just gettin' across down where it's quiet again
is a bit crazy. in the dark, it seems a bit dumb.
so we decided this would be our last morning bike ride
for a bit.

i think that made it all the more delicious.

i rode and thought about how much better i feel from
a few weeks ago...

and i thought of cycles, changes in season, changes in me....

and i thought of so many people i know right now struggling.
if we can just remember the changes.
they keep coming.
nothing stays the same.

it all just keeps turning........

if we could just remember that sometimes......

sittin' by my open window right now, i feel the chill of
the morning....

and i watch the season change.

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