Wednesday, September 8, 2010

no rainin' for me!

i plopped myself down in my front yard and was just
enjoyin' the morning.

the sky was pretty, the air cool, it just felt good.

my thoughts wandered to something i had done which felt
a bit like rainin' on someone's parade.

i hate that.

and then when i do that to someone......ohmygosh.

it wasn't a full fledged rain, but if i didn't turn it
around, it'd count as one.

and i got to thinking about that kinda thing.

how many people had rained on my parades?
and yeah, a lotta times it was for 'nice' reasons.
they wanted to protect me, help me.
who cares.

they still rained.
and it always affected things....affected me.

and that's the direction i was goin' with someone else.
and i never want to do that.

makes me think of 'dream stealing.'

somewhere along the way, i've read the phrase
'dream stealers' and was so struck by that phrase.
that concept.

there are just some people who naturally are dream
stealers. they do it all the time.
and then i think all of us prolly do that at one
point or another to someone else.

what a darn shame.

i so don't want to be a dream stealer or a rain cloud.

as i thought this, i looked up in the sky.

i did a double take.

there bam smack in the middle of this beautiful sky
was this one dark, smeary, icky cloud.

i seriously did a double take.

you have got to be kiddin' me.

that's me!
if i don't watch it!

i laughed out loud.
and just sat there looking at this thing.

it's a rare day i'd tell you i saw an ugly cloud.
but there it was....this dark gray lump in the middle
of this gorgeous glowing sky.


i so don't want to be that cloud.


off to go fix any cloudiness i started....


Pamela Jones said...

Don't be the the light that shines behind it and illuminates the sky!

Merry ME said...

Into every life a little rain must fall. And when it does, you'll be right there with an umbrella!