Sunday, September 12, 2010

mother's day

hey! hey! hey! it's mother's day over here!!!
yeah.......we postponed it til today.
it falls real close to my birthday, and i just can't
get spoiled enough that way....
so we postpone!!!

i very maturely told the guys to sleep late. we have
all day. we don't have to start til noon or something.
no big deal. we can all have our morning and do something
with it.

so's about 9:15 and i can't stand it.
i think i gotta go wake everyone up!!!

there's talk of the zoo!
i've been havin' a foot problem and not sure i can handle
the walkin' around.
josh suggested a wheelchair.
i lit up.
we've had sooooooo much fun with those in the past.

once josh had a hurt foot, and i took him shopping
in a wheel chair.

he was all self conscious sitting down in it. we were in
public. in a store. he wasn't sure about it all.
he sat down and i jammed my foot on that back thing and
shouted 'WHEELIEEEEE!!!!!!!' and shot him up in the air and
took off with him.

we went sailing thru the aisles. at one point, one of the main
aisles was clear.....and i got a good run and then hopped on
the back! noah and zakk were in an aisle, looked up, and saw
us flying by! josh said it was totally disconcerting as he
couldn't see me and he never knew what i would do.

oh yes!
i lit up at the idea.
only this time i'd be in the passenger seat.

zakk threw up his arms when he heard we might use a wheelchair.
not sure at all this was a good idea. but then, i could see a
light go off in his mind. he turned to me and said 'it WOULD give
us a bit more control this way.'


it's also rainy out. so who knows.....maybe the zoo.
maybe biking in the rain. altho the guys have some namby pamby
fancy bikes that can't bike in the rain........
maybe just a day of bein' queen and acting out every whim.

whatever it's gonna be good.

and the timing is perfect.
i'm takin' my life back today.

did you give it away, you ask???

somehow i think i did.

and i've been gradually taking it back since september started.
but now it's a full fledged kinda thing......

i'm takin' my life back full fledged.
AND it's mother's day today!

this is gonna be one heck of a good day......


AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm giggling of course...cuz I can see you with that wheelchair, lol!

Anywho...Happy Birthday/Mother's Day...doing whatever it is that is golden and star-studded for you!

You Deserve It!
Blessing aaaaaand,

Merry ME said...

What a grand idea!
Happy to you!
Whatever you do, I feel sure that by the end of the day you will know that you are, indeed, the Queen Mother.

Pamela Jones said...

Happy Mother's Day!