Monday, September 13, 2010

mother's day report...

was a completely delicious day!

we started with the zoo!

we saw the elephants first.
ohhhhhh my.
i coulda sat all day and watched them.
i could tell each one of us was a bit moved with them.
one of them was holding a stick and banging it.
josh was trying to decide if the elephant was a drummer
in his past life.
a lot of drummer jokes, and we moved on.

the otters.
there was a crowd watching them at one part. i walked
over to another part. an empty part. the guys walked up
behind me. and a moment later, the otters tumbled on over.
i leaned back and quietly told the guys 'i called them over
here.' they just smiled. i think they bought that.

as we walked away, i told them all i knew about otters was
that they lived to play. 'i'm striving to be an otter in my
next life.' i said.

'you already are one.' they all shot back.
i laughed and we picked animals we musta been in past lives.
i was definitely an elephant and a whale.
'no wonder i have body issues,' i said.

we laughed, we goofed.
i gasped at some of the reptiles.
found one that was so gaudy and goofy i hollered for josh.
'that's you, bud! that is sooooo you!'
we stood there and laughed.
there was an ape that was like zakk. something about his
a blue frog that was like noah.....something about his legs...

there were so many cool animals......
the zebras totally took my breath away.
the monkeys warmed my heart.
it was soooo good to see them all.
we didn't stay too long.
babied my sore foot.
but i vowed to get back there soon.

the guys were all thankful my foot was sore.
they laughed and said it was good that i was
slowed down a bit.

we headed back to a movie, food, games, laughing, and just
hangin' out.

i felt the gold of their souls the whole day.
the whole darn day.
i just basked in their glow.

to sit back and enjoy these three guys...and to see
their hearts just shining thru them... definitely makes for one heck of a mother's day.


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Awesome Star Cloud!!!!! :)

Pamela Jones said...

a fine passel of boys you got there, missy...

Sounds like a great day!

just jody said... universe smiled!