Saturday, September 25, 2010

with gratitude

it was a large room. there were a few thin, more-for-show
than-anything walls.

it was a room full of art i just wasn't into.

i love the art galleries. i really do.
we all enjoy them.that's why we were there.
but it really struck me how pretentious some of this
whole deal was. and it hit the goofy kid streak in me.
i didn't want to just swallow the pretentious and nod.
i wanted to make a raspberry noise at some guy givin'
a tour. truly, i wanted to roll my eyes and make noises.

i didn't tho.

i was tryin' to behave.
whisper, be respectful. all that.

but when i sat on a bench behind one of those thin walls
josh said something to me. we started out whispering.
we did. but we got louder and louder.
he was making me laugh.

we started carryin' on more and more. zakk on one side
of me, noah on one side of josh. josh and i were making
all the noise, but noah and zakk were eggin' us on.

i didn't even think about the other people on the other
side of that thin-doesn't-reach-all-the-way-across wall.

as i was leaning back in sheer enjoyment, laughing,
i saw him.

the guard.


i put my hand over my mouth.
looked properly remorseful and got quiet.

he went back around the wall.

my eyes got big and i looked at the guys.

THAT was one of my favorite moments.

later, at home he called.
he was out of town and fillin' me in on his meeting.
how he gave a technical talk about the satellites.
i loved hearin' about it. when he was all done
i was proud to tell him that i saw some satellites too!
told him about my stop in at the air and space museum.
how it was soooo much more fun with my camera!
how i went straight to the satellites cause you know why??

'cause you were thinking of me.'

well, that too...........but why else.......

'cause you wanted to feel a bond between us.'

well, that too.........but why else..........

'how many reasons could there be for you to go see
a satellite??'

'cause they have that shiny, crinkly gold on them! makes
for GREAT pictures!'

i was thrilled.

'and you SHOULD SEE what great pictures i got!'

he laughed. i could picture his face with that laugh.
'that is so you and me' he said with enjoyment.
him with the technical, me with the colors.

i laughed too.
it really was.
and i liked that.

in the dark, josh and i walked outta the grocery store.

we had been gathering birthday dessert.
the guys have long since stopped wanting me to bake a cake.
hmmmmm.......yeah, i know.
i didn't think they were that bad!!!

walking out of the store, into the nite,
there hung the biggest most gorgeous orangish moon.

we both just stopped in our tracks.
right there stepping off the curb into the parking lot.


we both just stopped and looked.
and gasped.
and made noises.
and the inside of me filled so full i felt like i'd pop.

coming home with bags of goodies to zakk and noah
there was joyful chattering and figurin' out what was next.
the teasing, the jostling.

there was the oohing about the moon from the living room window,
the talk of what the next year would bring for noah.
the laughter, the brainstorming, the budgeting thru the whole
day and still having fun. the sitting around the table talking
and laughing. the gratitude each one of us was holding.

there was so much packed into that one day.

and it's days like that i remember.
i remember what it's all about.
i remember what matters.
i remember how lucky i am.


Merry ME said...

Love these tales of the outings you and the boys take. It's like chaperoning a 1st grate field trip without having to count heads or ride the school bus. All fun, no responsibility!

Peggi said...

Cherish each and every moment Terri, both the good and the bad. I wish that I had............