Saturday, October 23, 2010

a bit overdone and grateful for that...

i was really really busy yesterday.
now, that is a good thing.
i am GRATEFUL for busy. means i'll be able
to pay my bills. it makes me happy. it's a good
good thing.

thing is, i was tryin' to wrap it up last nite.
but i was sooo wound up i couldn't stop.
just one more thing.
just one more thing.
until i hit something i couldn't figure out
and i wanted to cry like a kid.

ohhhh THAT'S overdone.

i finished up the best i could, and headed
to the grocery store. i still needed groceries.

i was really really beat and just tryin' to think

on my way out of the store, it was dark.
and up in that sky was the moon.

this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous mooon.

i just stopped right there in the middle of
the parking lot and looked at that thing.

and i just stood there looking.

and i thought about how tired i was.
and i thought about how lucky i was to be that tired.
how great it was that i was standing under that moon
and actually there to see it and there to feel this tired.

i slipped into my car and just felt so grateful.

the day before, coming home from the coffee place just
up the road, i passed a whole lotta backed up traffic,
and the tv crews.

uh oh.

never good.

some guys workin' in the median just immediately down
the road got hit by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.
they're dead now.

i keep thinking of that.

i keep thinking of how 1 mile up the road, i was sittin'
outside enjoyin' the evening, drinking my water with my
girlfriend and laughing.

how there i was the next nite looking at the moon,
exhausted from workin' really hard.

it is such a gift.
lost in a blink.

every moon is a precious moon.


Merry ME said...

MOments of gratitude that you can feel all the way to your to toes, especially when you are bone-weary, are just the best, aren't they?

AkasaWolfSong said...

I just love those moments of Grace, don't you?