Friday, October 22, 2010


i've been up to my eyeballs in work.
which is a very good thing.
the only bad thing about it is that i had to cancel
out on a day trip with josh.

he ended up gettin' pretty busy himself, so we
agreed it worked out fine. BUT we also agreed that
we should AT LEAST get in a good walk in the woods
in the morning.

so this morning i drove over to josh's and we walked
down to the river together.

we walked down to the river together.

do you know how cool that is???

first of all that i have a son who lives by a park.
that i have a son who WANTS to take a walk with me.
and that there's a river to walk to!

we found a bench and sat lookin' at the river and
talking and i felt like i was savoring the most
decadent piece of chocolate you could ever taste.
it was an absolutely delicious time.

i told him with all the work i had to do it felt
extra good. like a 'hookie moment.' and that added
to the deliciousness of it all.

driving home i thought of how lucky i was to grab
that time with him.

and then i thought of something josh had told me
recently about 'being lucky.'

he said that it was all in how you looked at things.
if you were in a bank when it was getting robbed and
you got shot in the arm....would you be lucky that
it was just your arm and you were really okay? or would
you be unlucky that you were in the bank and got shot???

think about it. i think it's a great question!

i was thinking that i'd feel lucky....that i came out of
it okay.
but you know, it's one of those things you don't really
know til it happens. which you hope it doesn't happen~!

and while much less extreme, i looked at today and
thought how lucky i was. cause i got an hour walk in
with josh to the river. i didn't think of how we had
to cancel the day trip.

so, that's a good start, i think.

what a gorgeous morning.
what a delicious moment....


Merry ME said...

Thanks for sharing the private mom/son moment with us. Even this far away, I can taste the deliciousness of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, it IS all in how you look at it.
I was talking to one of my fellow actors (ooooo that feels so good to say that!) who told me that she doesn't like it when so and so performs cuz she's really a professional and makes us look bad. I was in the show last yr with this professional and I thought she made us all look great! Kind of raised the bar for all of us. So, lucky? Yes, it's how you look at it. And if you look with eyes of faith, I bet we're all lucky!

Grace said...

:) What a beautiful day! And what a great sounding son you have there! Truly a pleasureable moment to read about.

Perspective. Yes. Life and living is certainly an exercise in perspective.

How wonderful that you are so busy!!

Pamela Jones said...

ter, you have me doing the gratitude dance just listening to you! Is there anything you're NOT grateful for?