Monday, October 25, 2010

it's not your fault

we just put up a brand new bone sigh on the site.
it's called 'it's not your fault.'

it's inspired from a story in this latest book that
i'm reading, scarred by struggle, transformed by hope.

the author wrote of a 70 year old woman who was in her office
sobbing and telling her story of being a victim of incest.

the author didn't dwell on this story. she just put it out there in
a paragraph.

and i tell ya, that one paragraph moved me to tears.

and filled me with the desire to do something.
so strongly.

and so i made a bone sigh. with a little 'wallet card' that
we will slip in the back of the print that you can carry with you.

it's not your typical bone sigh, and i feel two strong
voices inside my head with it....

one voice - and it's beyond a voice - it feels like it's
way down deep into my cells - is telling me that i have to
put this out there. that i need to put this out there for
people carrying this kind of pain.

and the other voice - which feels more like a voice and not
like my cells - is telling me i'm stupid. and it's stupid.

again, another struggle.

that happens with bone sighs from time to time.

and i always put them out anyway. and ignore that voice.
because that's a bone sigh deal.

but i wanted to mention the voice crying stupid.
cause it's loud, and it's unnerving, and it makes me
want to hide.

putting it out there and saying it's there and i'm not
going to hide even tho i want to, feels important.

and i tell ya, if this print can be of any kind of help
in chiseling a wall away for someone, it so matters to me.

so, today, we put up our new print.
it's monday, so our weekly audio tells the story.
i actually read the paragraph from the book that moved
me so deeply. if you want to hear it, you can find the
weekly audio on our homepage.

here are the words to the print:

it's not your fault.
you didn't know what to do,
who to tell,
where to go.
it's not your fault.
you didn't know.
it's not your fault -
and it's time now for you to hold that.
for you to hold her -
the little girl who is you.
hold her and love her.
hold her and love you.
hold her and let the other go.
it's time now.
you can do it.
women everywhere who share your story are standing next to you.
love yourself.
and let the other go.


AkasaWolfSong said...

We both know Ter, the voice telling you it's stupid needs to be booted to the curb!

You Go StarWoman! Remember, Stars don't hide..they shine for all to see? :)

Keep on Shining!

Merry ME said...

I gotta think that the "Stupid" voice gets louder when you are about to do something so stupendous the world is going to be grateful for your voice.

I don't know where the stupid voice come from but I'm sure it is not from the heart or soul. So tell Mr. Stupid-head, to go jump in a lake and leave you alone. Which is exactly what you've done by putting this beautiful, powerful, so needed bonesigh into the world.

Bless you.

Qn Dani said...

The voice telling you "it's stupid" is the voice of fear, speaking in a language we all understand in our own way - the same voice that told so many of us to keep silent, to keep the shameful secret - don't talk, don't tell, don't make waves and that it was somehow our fault.

I'm glad the voice of love spoke louder than the voice of fear and a new bonesigh was created as a result.

And it isn't just a bonesigh - it's a love letter - from one woman's heart to another. I am (once again) moved to tears by your compassion and love and the gift you have to give the words to those who wouldn't have them otherwise.


linda Lorah said...

Terri; It is an awesome bone sigh, and I suspect will touch the hearts of many a woman who has carried the scars of incest inside of her for years and years. Keep on ignoring that 'stupid voice' and letting your true voice ring out. Bless you and the lives you touch. Hugs, Linda

Grace said...

This is a beautiful sigh. How often people take responsibility for the actions of others committed against them. It's one of the things I have with the "Law of Attraction" crowd. They've never been able to satisfactorily answer my question, "So this person 'attracted' this horrendous event?? through their vibration??"

Imagine going 70 years...holding shame and guilt in your bones. :( Hopefully that story had a happy ending.

Thank you for sharing this...I'm sure many will find it extremely healing!