Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a cold

when something's just a bit different,
it's amazing how it can show you what your life
is like normally. and what matters to you.

when i hurt my foot recently, i really saw how
much walkin' i do thru my life. and how valuable
my foot is. to have to think about everywhere
i walked was incredibly discouraging. and i really
didn't realize how much walking i did.

i'm so lucky the foot healed, and i'm back at it.
and now, when i walk somewhere, i notice how good
it is to do so.

now i have a cold. no big deal, just a cold.
but it's keepin' my guy away from me as i don't
want to get him sick before a surgery.

so while i didn't think i saw him very much before
this....i'm thinking i saw him a whole lot more
than i have lately!

and i'm thinking....'okay, the other wasn't so

and i'm grinning.

okay. the other wasn't so bad.

and now, i gotta tell ya, the other looks great.

what seemed like just not enough time before now seems
like gobs of time.

and i'm lovin' seein' this.

it truly truly truly truly all is in your perspective,
isn't it???

i think of how spoiled i get and how i don't realize
how much i have.

i've slowed down and noticed how fast i move thru my
days normally. noticed what amounts of high energy i
have normally. and i never think twice about it.

this silly cold has brought in a truck load of gratitude
with it.

i'm seein' all i have.
and i'm seein' all that i whined about before.

and i'm thinking maybe i need to slow down on the whining
and kick in a bit more with the gratitude.

sometimes maybe you need to slow down to really feel
the gratitude.

sometimes you just need a cold to open your eyes.

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