Saturday, October 30, 2010


it was a great nite.
i watched josh shine both as a teacher and a musician
last nite as he combined his cd release party with his
student's recital, the monster jam.

how fun!

his brothers and i arrived early to help set up.
and um....well.......he needed the help.
and we stayed late and helped clean up.

on the way home noah was marveling at how smoothly
josh can keep the whole thing running. he commented
on how he would never be able to hook up an 8 year old
and his guiter, keep talking, and keep the show going.
but josh could do it with ease and grace.
or how he joked thru the goof ups and kept everyone

and then he said 'and yet, he can't remember to
bring anything he's sposed to bring to the party.'

and i laughed. and loved it.
cause it was a completely honest appreciation and
puzzlement of josh.

he was about as disorganized as you get last nite,
and we just kinda kept glancing at each other, wondering
how this guy got thru life.

and then.....we watched him light up the room and
make everyone in that room feel like they mattered
and that they were special.

it's got me thinking about our strong points and weak points.
that's actually been something that's been running thru
me all week, altho i didn't have those words for them.

strengths and weaknesses. and how they all interact with
everyone else's....and the whole mishmash it creates.

josh is interesting to me as he reminds me a lot of his dad
that way.
his dad drove me crazy with that stuff.
josh doesn't make me crazy like that.

i keep thinking of that.
and different relationships.
different expectations.
different levels of patience.......
and why?

they sure do matter, don't they?

i gotta check mine often.

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Grace said...

Moms observing their boys turn into's amazing what feelings and thoughts come to us, isn't it, as we review the absolute unconditional love we have for them...that we "maybe" didn't extend to other important "men" men in our lives! (did that even make sense? LOL)

Sounds like a wonderful evening was had by all. Kudos to Josh!

I'll never forget the first time I saw my son and his band perform. He was the lead singer. I showed up to the bar, which was already packed out, and remember being 'son-struck'. NOT because I liked the music so much - it's a genre I don't really get. But it was my son that I couldn't take my eyes off of! Who was this man, dancing around, singing, intereacting??? Certainly not the quiet, keep-to-himself person I was 'used' to. It was definitely a change in perspective!