Wednesday, November 3, 2010

budgeting ain't all bad!

a friend read my sneakers post and worried about the
break i gave her on an order.

oh no. no. no. no. no.

i talk freely of my budgeting because it's part of my
life right now. i budget. and sometimes i struggle with it.
and sometimes i don't. sometimes i budget more than others. of the best lessons i ever got was from my
budgeting recently. which i haven't posted because now's
not the time. i have to wait til i'm rolling in the dough
to tell that story. but then i will.

budgeting and finances are part of life. and i don't
want to not post that stuff here and leave it out. cause
it impacts my world daily.

but if it makes any of my friends feel like they have to order,
or that they can't get a discount, then that ruins the spirit
of the posts.

i want the posts to be honest.

and honestly? the budget isn't affected by the good hearts
of my friends. it's affected by the economy, and the stores
that i work with hurting and closing, and me deciding to not
offer consignment anymore because too many stores have walked
away with my stuff, it has to do with a catalog struggling and
not ordering as much as it used to.

and you know what???
the economy will pick up, stores are gonna pull thru,
not offering consignment will balance out and help me in the end,
and the catalog is beginning to breathe new life again.
and bone sigh arts is getting better and better as we go along.

when i make it so that i'm not budgeting anymore and when i'm
easily writing the checks and money flows in and out with ease...
i will look back with glee that i made it thru a rough time.
and i'll feel proud of myself. i already do. some of my best
stories have come from my hardest times.

and, for me, the only way i will ever feel poor is if i can't
do something for someone else. if i can't give something away,
if i can't cut someone a deal, if i can't be giving.

if i can't be giving, then i'm in the wrong business.
and i don't want to do this anymore.

so please, no one take my budget posts as sad.
they're filled with good good things.
and it's important to see that.

my budgeting days have given me some of the best days of
my life. don't miss that part.

it's important to share the struggle and the triumph.

and the giving and receiving that goes on here daily.

my life couldn't be richer.
don't miss that part.


Merry ME said...

As someone who has no clue about budgeting, I totally get what you're doing and how you're doing it. Giving when it's free and easy can't possible feel as good as when you've got to work at it, yet still find the way to pull of a gift of love.

And the whole sneakers thing is a perfect example of what goes around, comes around. Sure, you could have figured out a way to get those new shoes yourself. But before that happened the shoe fairy stepped in and saved the day. And the shoe fairy? Well he got an even bigger gift. The joy of giving and the joy of knowing how tickled you were. I dare say those new shoes are going to feel a lot better than just any other shoes!

Sorrow said...

Why in all the posts you had up that I was peeking thru titles in my reader did this one catch me?
Because the Universe has a a sense of humor...
As the medical bills come pouring in, and the holidays loom and I have less and less time to do things as my hours are filled with teaching, a budget is a dirty word in my mouth, You have to have money to budget..
but I only feel the pinch when I can't give , and sometimes all I have is enough change in my pocket for postage, It still feels like giving when it goes out!
Thanks for the reminder..