Tuesday, November 16, 2010


my son, noah, mentioned a documentary on youtube
that he thought i'd be interested in.

it's a documentary on the hateful group that pickets
the military funerals and since that's been the topic
around here for a bit, he mentioned it.

he told me the interviewer was awesome.

it's a busy day here. i only have so much time.
thought i'd watch part one and then leave the rest
for later.

but i got so swept up in the interviewer, that i
ended up watching them all.

his name is louis theroux and i was stunned at the
reserve he showed thru these talks.

at first i was just kinda surprised.
and then i got more and more taken with him.

i'll be thinking about him all day now.

what's so cool is that what i came away from all that
ick was more him than them.

there's not a lot i can do with them.
feel sick over them, shed some tears, block the view
of them when i have a chance and try not to let them
pull me down as a person.

but there was inspiration in louis for me.

you don't have to be loud to say something powerful.
not at all....


Merry ME said...

You don't have to be loud to say something powerful.

Now that's something I'm going to work on. What a great message. Seems I have a habit of raising my voice the more profound I think I am being. Hey, world, how about listening to ME! Truly, it is the quiet message that is often remembered the longest.

Peggi said...

Terri - could you post the link?

terri said...

sure, peggi....i didn't in the first place cause i really hate to even spread them, ya know? but i know that's silly. here's the link: