Friday, November 12, 2010

a slice of heaven

i really don't know what it is....and it seems really
odd to me that it's now......this month.....but i seem
to be getting all kinds of reminders about suicide.

there have been so many that i'm really stepping back
and wondering about it....

and...i'm stepping back and appreciating the people in
my life. and their presence here with me.

and this morning, after one more reminder, i turn to my
day...a day where i get to spend the whole darn thing
with my sons. all three of them! a day i have no expectations
of anything and have nothing i have to get done. a day
i get to walk away from all the work and forget about it
for a bit and just look at their faces and hear them
talk and banter.

a day i worked hard to get.
and a day i'm gonna soak up with all i've got.

a day that will be filled with things that i think will
really be the best tending of my heart that i could ever do.

these days matter.
these days are precious.
and i wanted to remind everyone once again, that you matter.
whether you feel that today or do.

hang on to that.
hang on to life.

because the days that are so delicious they feel like
a slice of heaven do come around...

today is one for me. and i'm gonna slurp it up with all i've got~!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Enjoy your 'loving time' with your Sons Star Woman!!! :)

I'm in total agreement that those days are precious ones.

Sending love on gentle breezes...

Grace said...

Enjoy your day :) It sounds amazing!

Merry ME said...

Marie Osmond was on Oprah last night talking about her son's suicide. I'm jaded enough to wonder why she felt it was necessary to go on tv and why Oprah had to invade her grief, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her pain. She tried to be the bubbly Marie of yore but couldn't pull it off. My God, I don't know how mothers and fathers wrap their hearts around that kind of pain. Not to mention other members of the family and friends.

I don't know what makes you a conduit for this kind of grief at this time but God has picked you to be an angel of truth and compassion. Maybe, just maybe, one person will read "You Matter" on this blog and begin to believe it.

Bless you.

Peggi said...

Thanks Terri.....I really needed to hear that today. Enjoy your day with your sons!