Saturday, December 4, 2010

the same and so not.

so you prolly know about the facebook cartoon picture thing.
they're tryin' to get everyone to pop up cartoon characters
for their profile picture to kinda be symbolic. to have only
childhood memories on there by monday to recognize child abuse.

nice thought...altho, i can see a few glitches to it.
like what if you were abused when you were a kid and don't want
to put up memories??? a little snag there.
but i think the thought is really nice.

i wanted to put up someone really cool like foghorn leghorn.
remember him??? or even better....marvin the martian. but truth
is i didn't really like either one of them! i liked casper the
friendly ghost.

which had me grinnin' this morning.

something that i find fascinating is how much we change and
how much we don't change.

i totally think that's crazy amazing.

i like the same kind things when i watch something.
okay, maybe not casper. (i don't know tho...maybe)
i'm not into scary or mean or sneaky. i like nice.
i always liked nice and kind and that stuff.
always inspired me. i actually remember that.
and i like that to this day. i want to be inspired
when i watch something.

sometimes when i look back, i think, ohmygosh, you are
exactly the same, ter.

and then, sometimes when i look back i know i'm a completely
different person. i can't even believe some of the things
i thought and did and went along with. and i think, ohmygosh,
you are completely changed, ter.

both of 'em.
mixed all up inside of me.

and i'm thinking you too.

and i think that's the coolest thing.

so then, maybe what would be fun to do would be to figure out
what's changed and what's not. and why??

hmmmm....could be cool.

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