Sunday, December 5, 2010

savoring the flavors of life...

we have a ritual goin' on over here that when the
guys land back home on a saturday nite, we all sit
around and catch up on what was goin' on with our days
and evenings.

one of my favorite things to do is take a tiny bit of
truth that happened and then twist it all up and make
it crazy and make it so no one knows if i'm tellin'
the truth or not. i usually take something about bob
that happened that day and then exaggerate and add
and then no one knows what to do, including bob.

their confused faces make me laugh so much and it tickles
me to no end. and no one knows which part is true...
except bob, of course, but he's long given up tryin' to
sort it all out. he just lets me go off and waits for the
confusion. that's one of my favorite things to do.

one of their favorite things to do is zing each other
with teasing jabs. and if they can set one of the other
one's up to be in trouble with me, then they've scored
big time.

so if someone says something that implies the other one
was saying i was fat, and i turn to the other one aghast
that they said that, the instigator will just beam with
delight. they have scored.

bob shot a great one out last nite that hit me first then
hit josh.

josh's mouth fell open and he said 'wow, that was like
a bank shot!'

and i looked over at bob who was hunched up in laughter
totally enjoyin' the results of that shot.

this is a particular chemistry that has come to life between
bob, me and the boys. and it's great fun.

i looked over at him chucklin' away over there and i grinned.
we all know how to zing each other. we know the spots to hit.
something you learn by hangin' out. and it's all in completely
good natured fun.

i love how this has come to life between us all.

there's so many different kindsa dances between all my different
relationships. so many different flavors.

it's so different with my girlfriends.
and when i forget and mix the the time i slugged
my girlfriend on the shoulder and she looked stunned....
oh yeah. i save that for the can be really funny.

the flavors of life....
i'm savoring them this morning.

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