Friday, December 3, 2010

sweet smellin' stars...and friends

i picked 'sweet smells' as my word(s) for the day today
from my friend's gift she sent me. (stay with me on that
idea as i'm sure they'll be floating thru a lot of blogs now!)

i smiled when i read it, and the thought on the other side.
but i didn't really think it'd be a sweet smell kinda day
for me...mostly working. and not too many sweet smells in
my studio here.

don't mess with the holiday words.

they know.

cause someone very dear sent me a gift for 'little terri'

oh yeah.

a children's book.
called 'draw me a star'

smilin' big.

is that perfect or what???

i leaned against my pellet stove, got nice and warm
and read my new book.
and i loved it.

but i didn't notice something about it at first.
not sure if it's where i was standing or what....
but when i was done, i put it on my desk to be
sure to write her a thank you note.

later, i sat back down at my desk.

mmmmmm.......what's that smell????

i picked up the book.
mmmmmmmm......oh man.

and i put my face right in the book and flipped
the pages real fast.

mmmmm..........i breathed it in.

a new children's book smell.

remember that smell??

i remember it from when my kids were young.

oh wow.
and then i looked over at my slip of paper.
'sweet smells.'

you gotta be kiddin' me.

this is way too cool.

two gifts from people who don't know each other
mixing like that....

and both gifts were so loving and made me feel so good.

ya just gotta love this holiday magic stuff that goes on.
i sure do.

all the parts of me do.
'specially that inner child.

now scoot on over.
i gotta draw me a star.


Merry ME said...


I think children's books are one of the greatest things ever invented!

Gina said...

all i can say