Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy birthday, pam!

it's a special friend's birthday today!
happy birthday to pam! i'm hoping a lot of you know
her from her blog!

now i sat here and debated....there's a lot of really cool
women and a lot of birthdays to celebrate! if i wrote a blog
for each one, you guys would roll your eyes and say something like:
not another birthday?!

i figure i'm gonna make pam my birthday poster child!
grinnin' at ya, pam.....

she came thru one day dropping an email in my box.
and that was the start of a really cool friendship.

we have never met, never spoken on the phone....
and i consider her a close friend.

how weird is that???

i know we'll meet. she's not all that far away, and i know we'll
meet....but we really don't have to.

i've met so many really cool women this way.
some i've met in person at some point, some i haven't.
and it just doesn't matter.
which i think is the coolest thing.

this email can really let you open your heart.
it's easier than just walkin' up to someone and pouring it
all out.

but here's a thought.....
we do it in email.
a lot of times because we can't see each other....
and from my experience, people are so open to talking and
sharing their heart stuff.

why don't we do that more in person with those right around us??
ya know???

it got me thinking this morning.
and it's perfect timing as i'm going to a birthday party tonite
for another friend.

i will be toasting pam while i'm there,
and i'm gonna walk around and talk to the people i meet from
my heart. yeah, yeah, i kinda do that a lot already.
but sometimes i get really shy with people i don't know.

i think it would be kinda a cool birthday thing to do to just
put that shyness away for the evening.

a few of the people at the party will be people from my high school
days! celebrating our friend's 5oth birthday. that's gonna be
mind blowing all in itself.

i'm gonna try to find someone i never met before and have a heart
to honor of my on line friends.

it's quite a circle of women out there.
pam is one of the wisest women i have ever met....
i feel so lucky to know her.
i celebrate her birthday today, i celebrate her!
and i celebrate the birth of all these incredible people i have
met thru the internet!

you guys completely rock!

happy birthday, pam!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Happy Birthday Pam...May your year be filled with delights for the heart and peace to lead the way!

Star Woman...You Rock too!

xoxo all around....

They say its Your Birthday...
We're gonna have a good time!

Woooo Hooo!

Merry ME said...

I've heard the term "old" soul before but not really sure what it means. I've only known one other old soul and I consider that person to be one of the wisest I've known.

So today I'm saying happy birthday to Pam - an old soul. Perhaps she's lived many lifetimes, perhaps she's just soaked up the one she's got now. Whatever the reason or cause, she is soul wise, and no afraid to share it with others.

And Ter, I can't imagine you having any kind of conversation except the heart connecting kind. It's your special gift.