Monday, January 24, 2011

with respect and love...

my friend just lost her pop.
not unexpected.
been a long time coming.
she's been the care giver.
she's been right there for the mess, the stress
and the fear...
and she was there when he died.

no one could have been a more loving or caring daughter.

that's a big sentence to write out for me.
i have a ton of father daughter baggage.
so just writing that sentence brings tears to my eyes.

and i don't know how to explain it....but it's my offering
to her.

cause i know how much that mattered to me.
to be the best daughter you could be to your father....

and i know how hard it is.

and she did it.
with grace and beauty and love, she did it.

may her pop rest in peace.
and may she turn back to her life believing in her beauty.

my heart is with you, mary.


Pamela Jones said...

You are so right, ter...
Loving Mary.

Wishing her peace.

Merry ME said...

thank you.

Tracey Catarozoli a.k.a Sally Sunshine said...

"...she set down the past and gently, with great care, she held the present. She held him and she held love."

As always, I think you say/said it best!