Sunday, February 27, 2011

an amazing journey together....

i'm filling orders right now.
one included prints with these quotes.
i stopped, read them and thought of yesterday.

'he wasn't the past.
and she knew that.
altho, sometimes she got muddled.
but he never let her down.
slowly, she learned to trust.
gradually, she set the past down.
and gently,
with great care,
she held the present.
she held him.
and she held love.'


'they worked.
it hurt.
it was hard.
and when they were done
they had moved a mountain.
now they had space for a dance floor.'

we were talkin' yesterday of all that we'd been thru
together. doin' some reminiscing. good stuff. stuff that
made you laugh. mixed in between that stuff was the hard
stuff. but we weren't concentratin' on that. just the
stuff that felt really good to remember.

it felt so good to remember and laugh and feel the deep
roots of love.

i have never worked so hard on anything in my life as
i work on my relationship.

it's so hard because i'm dealing with all the stuff inside
of me. and i need to examine myself and my motives often.

as i read these quotes, i sat back again, this time just
me sitting here remembering. and i thought of the stuff
that doesn't make me laugh. the hard stuff.

if i could pick the top number one thing i love about my guy
it would be this....he's got the courage to walk the path of
real. he doesn't want anything else but real.

of course i would need that in a partner.

and it's in that journey i am finding who i really am.

as i wrap up this order, i think of that,
and i know i wouldn't trade any of that hard stuff for

it's the funny memories i want to sit and laugh about.
but it's the whole darn thing that i hold and treasure
for the gold that it is.

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