Thursday, February 3, 2011


i asked him about his health.
how it was goin'.

he filled me in a bit.
'so how are you doin' with all of that?' i asked.

he filled me in a bit more.

'that sounds like it'd be pretty tough,'i commented.

and then asked him what the goal was.
cause if he doesn't think he'll get better, then maybe
he needs to grieve some of the stuff he lost.
and yet, he can't really grieve if he's holdin' on to hope.

he's holdin' on to hope, he told me. that gets a bit tricky.

he agreed it did.

i hung up with him and went to visit my elderly neighbor.

i had been doin' my numbers quietly at my desk and she was
on my mind. i wondered if it was just a matter of time til
she fell. and i started thinking of that.

as i walked down the street, i thought of how lucky i was
i could walk down the street. i felt how easy my legs moved,
thought of the friend i had just spoken with and felt so
grateful for my steps.

as my neighbor let me in, i noticed she seemed pretty wobbly.
'you doin' okay today? ' i asked.

turns out she fell just the other day.
seemed to have really shaken her confidence.

i told her i had just been thinking about her and worried about
she showed me her bruises and described having to slide herself
down the hall on her belly as her legs wouldn't get her up.

were you scared? i asked her.

interesting emotions came across her face.
her voice said no.

we visited a bit, and then i headed back home.

i had been thinking earlier how much i wanted a soda just to
kinda wake me up a bit. suddenly that soda didn't look so good.
i grabbed some water.

it's absolutely nothing to take for granted.

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