Sunday, February 20, 2011

hootin' and hollerin'.....

there is something lovely about having your girlfriend
call you with one of those 'are you sitting down? you won't
believe this.' stories.

and the hootin' and hollerin' and laughing and groaning
and carryin' on that follows.

and you know that all the hootin' and hollerin' and groaning and laughing
is the way to cope with a life that is so out of hand sometimes that
there's nothing else to do.

and you know that you have your own 'sit down, you won't believe
this story' to share too. but it's not the time.

one story at a time.

and you know that when you share yours in a few days, there will
be more hootin' and hollerin' and lauging and groaning.
and a whole lotta carryin' on. cause there will be both stories
to share by then.

you hold the phone to your ear,
you shake your head,
and you comment that 'life is so darn weird.'

and it is.
and sometimes it's just beyond any control.
but the wonderful thing is...there's that girlfriend
out there ready to share it with you.

i've seen a lot of really great stuff written on girlfriends.
and every time i read them, i nod in such agreement.

what on earth would we do without them?
and these stories of ours?
where life is just too darn weird...
well, at least they provide some real good laughs sometimes.

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