Friday, February 11, 2011

a little baby...

oh my gosh.
i had one of the most powerful dreams i've ever had
and i have no idea what it means!

i'll be thinking about it all day and hoping something
comes thru.

no one really needs to read any one else's dreams -
so i'll spare you! but the gist was rescuing a baby...
thinking it had died....but it was still living and
holding it so close and rocking back and forth with it.

what was so powerful is i can STILL feel the feeling
that i had as i rocked. the relief it was still alive,
the love, the whole being filled with
that feeling.

holding this small, precious, incredibly important
little life.

it went beyond a dream it felt like my whole body changed

i wonder if it does. i think it does. like when you
dream something scary you wake up sweaty, right???

i'm still feeling that feeling.

and all i can think of is that baby is part of me.

and i tell ya, the love and tenderness i felt towards it....
the preciousness of it.
how words don't fit what i felt.


kinda reminds me that there's so much more inside of us
than we know every day.

so so much more.


Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

oh my, we are on the same wavelength! I've been dreaming a lot about my kids when they were small and my dreams involve me having to protect them from danger. I had a very vivid dream last night & I was holding M so close to me to protect her.

Sometimes, as in our cases, the meaning of the dream is very clear. No matter how old we get we want to protect our children, well - in your case: MEN!!!

Merry ME said...

I am pretty sure that when God made arms for rocking he used yours as a mold.