Saturday, February 12, 2011

questions of the day...

sometimes i can't figure out exactly which good thing i get
from bone sigh arts is the best thing. there are soooo many good things!
one of them, that really is so high on the list is the incredible
women i meet. you guys are amazing. just amazing. and to have
you to talk to and bounce stuff off of and to learn from and
grow with....well, it's beyond measure.

i just wrote a 'thinking out loud' note to a friend who was
sharing some stuff. it seemed to be similar and so i asked if
we could think out loud together. of course, she hasn't answered
yet, so maybe i shouldn't assume. but i'm thinking she will.
and hearing her part and her thoughts and her story will help
me with mine.

how awesomely cool is that?!

the thing that's on my mind from that note, and the thing that
i am going to take with me as i get myself together for the day
here is this......

when we offer ourselves whole heartedly does there need to be an
awareness inside of us that we may not get the reaction we wanted
and that that has to be okay?

that the offering itself is what matters. and not the reaction to that offering.

and if that's the on earth do we manage that???

is that just more sifting thru the baggage and strings we carry with us.
do we need to know that the reaction is no reflection on our value?
is that what we're thinking when we get a reaction we don't like
and we feel bad?
is it that we feel we're not being valued?
do we feel we're not being seen?

do either of those matter?
if we value and see ourselves?
and i gotta tell ya, that sounds real pretty to me....
but realistically, i know there's a ton of work for me to do to
even get to such a cool and knowing spot.

but you know what i'm thinking? i think i want to get there.
so that's pretty much what i threw her way.
and that's what i'll be thinking about today.
the questions of the day........they do keep my mind whirling.

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